Facial Aesthetics

Great scientific advances have increased the life span of people significantly. However, the natural process of aging continues. This leads us to experience changes in our appearance that does not resonate with the way we feel on the inside. The process of aging is catapulted due to many external factors such as prolonged sun exposure, poor lifestyle habits and repeated facial expressions1. This is where aesthetic medicine has made many advances.

As the leader in aesthetic medicine, Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie company, is deeply committed to meeting the needs of patients and physicians with scientifically backed, technically advanced products aided with innovative technology and scientific research to meet individual needs and therapeutic goals.

The Allergan Aesthetics' portfolio includes products that contribute to beautifying, rejuvenating and even correcting a specific characteristic, such as hyaluronic acid-based facial fillers. They can help combat the effects of aging and help deal with structural issues.

Our products can help combat the effects of aging and structural issues, by improving the appearance of dark circles, definition of the contour of the lower third of the face and lips, volumization of areas affected by the aging process. In addition, they help improving skin's freshness, hydration and elasticity. It is also possible to smooth out wrinkles, whether they are dynamic (seen with the face in motion) or static (which appear even when the face is at rest)2-10.

Treatments with these substances are minimally invasive and must be carried out by a qualified specialist.

A patient seeking aesthetic medicine treatment should contact a specialist doctor who will be able to clarify doubts, obtain more information and discuss the desired objectives and possible results based on a detailed examination.


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Disclaimer: Do not purchase or administer the drug without advice from a registered medical practitioner. This is prescribed medication and any use without first consulting with your doctor, can result in injury or death. This is not meant to act as an inducement to purchase or seek prescription of the products.